CHER AMI – alc. 3.8%, vol.

This new, golden session beer features a cocktail of US and European hops and is ideal for Summer drinking (we’re quite passionate about global warming!).

Allergen information – Contains BARLEY

Available – Feb 18th, onwards. Draught only.



G. I. JOE – alc. 4.1%

New for January 2020, this pale amber beer features a cocktail of US hops which impart an intense bouquet and dry, bitter finish. Power to your elbow!

Allergen information – Contains BARLEY

Available January 2020, cask only






Brewers, on steroids! Fantastic extra-strength version of our renowned Brewers Gold. To be treated with respect – almost *too* drinkable!

Allergen information – Contains BARLEY

Draught – sold out. Bottle-conditioned 500ml currently in stock.



ESSEX NIGHTS – alc. 4.1%

A winter treat brewed for all those who say we never brew any dark beers! Rich and dark but not heavy in alcohol, this will drink beautifully over the colder months.

Allergen information – Contains BARLEY & WHEAT

Available November 19th (draught) and December 1st (bottle-conditioned, 500ml.)

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