SATURN V – alc. 4.2%, vol.

Not a milk shake. No condiments. Not confectionary. No random ingredients left over from the kitchen cabinet. Not soured or oak-aged (thank God). Just malt, hops, water and yeast properly brewed in a small batch with care and passion, as it should be.

Allergen information – contains BARLEY.

Available for July 2019. Cask conditioned only.



JUNO – alc. 3.9%, vol.

Jazzy blend of US hops and with a touch of rye malt in the mash, for added complexity. Great!

Allergen information – contains BARLEY and RYE

Available June 3rd onwards. Cask-conditioned only.





CITRA – alc. 3.9% vol.

Zingy, fresh and vibrant. Summer *must* be here! The return of our wonderful seasonal session ale.

Allergen information – contains BARLEY

Available May 13th onwards. Cask-conditioned only.





ZENIT – alc. 4.1%, vol.

Golden amber and flavoured with outstanding US Citra and Mosaic hops.

Allergen information – contains BARLEY

Sold out, but still out in trade. Cask-conditioned only.




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