MOSAIC – alc. 4.1%, vol.

It’s back. Can’t spoil you all too often with this beer but fill your boots while you can because when it’s gone, it’s gone. Deep gold colour and fantastic floral, tropical hop notes make this an exceptional beer.

Allergen information – contains BARLEY.

Available August 2019 – cask and bottle-conditioned.




SATURN V – alc. 4.2%, vol.

Not a milk shake. No condiments. Not confectionary. No random ingredients left over from the kitchen cabinet. Not soured or oak-aged (thank God). Just malt, hops, water and yeast properly brewed in a small batch with care and passion, as it should be.

Allergen information – contains BARLEY.

Sold out, but still out in trade.



JUNO – alc. 3.9%, vol.

Jazzy blend of US hops and with a touch of rye malt in the mash, for added complexity. Great!

Allergen information – contains BARLEY and RYE

Sold out, but still out in trade.





CITRA – alc. 3.9% vol.

Zingy, fresh and vibrant. Summer *must* be here! The return of our wonderful seasonal session ale.

Allergen information – contains BARLEY

Sold out, but still out in trade.




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