Tap Room 19 is the on-site Crouch Vale Brewery tap. Modern and convivial. Crouch Vale beers on sale by the pint, half or third (or to take away, in 4 pint containers – minipins and polypins by arrangement). Calvors Suffolk Lagers. Ciders. Posh coffees. Builders’ tea. Carefully selected wines and soft drinks. Pipers crisps & nuts. Pork scratchings and pork pies by G C Smith (Chelmsford). Management, banter and all manner of technical know-how courtesy of renowned trade celebrity, Ken Seaman. Free WiFi. Enigmatic, eclectic Tap Room 19!


Coronavirus/Covid-19 UPDATE – Sadly Tap Room 19 is closed until further notice. However, the brewery shop will be open sporadically for takeaway sales.

Monday – Closed. Tuesday – 16.00 to 21.00hrs. Wednesday – 16.00 to 21.00hrs. Thursday – 16.00 to 21.00hrs. Friday – 16.00 to 23.00hrs. Saturday – 14.00 to 23.00hrs. Sunday – 14.00 to 17.00hrs.

There is an (unmoderated!) Tap Room 19 Facebook group here and an official Tap Room 19 Facebook page here. Also, follow us on Twitter @taproom_19


Where are we (for those using public transport)? – SWF station to Tap Room 19, 5/6 minutes on foot (possibly longer back?)  – easy!

tap room map from station

04/03/2016 – All ready to go!


12/02/2016 – Progress!


10/02/2016 – We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ken Seaman who, despite having worked for us a bit before, is going to run Tap Room 19.  It would seem that you cannot keep a good man down! His appointment as overall Director Of Abuse at the brewery is subject to consideration but from the picture, it would appear he is eminently qualified.


WP_20160122_001 WP_20160122_003 WP_20160122_005

21/01/2016 – Almost ready 🙂 As if . . .

WP_20151218_12_28_01_Pro WP_20151218_12_28_09_Pro

8/12/2015 – Progress! Studwork for the cold store is in and preparation work for windows is complete.

WP_20151208_10_36_58_Pro WP_20151208_10_37_05_Pro WP_20151208_10_37_17_Pro

07/12/2015 – Trevor’s first job is to demolish the partition wall! He’s never so happy as when he’s wallowing in rubble!

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